Named Endowment Funds

Named endowment funds ensure a donor’s giving makes an impact forever. A minimum pledge of $25,000 is required to establish a named endowment fund, and the funds are subject to a 4% annual spend rate (based on the prior 12-quarter fund average). Alumni chapters can also establish a Chapter Educational or Housing Account (CEA/CHA), which are not subject to the 4% spending policy and provide grants to chapters for educational needs.

Educational Program Funds

Providing these annual educational program scholarships

Roy F. Allan Scholarship
Bruce S. Bailey Scholarship
Lisa and William J. Bittner Scholarship
Richard B. Campbell Scholarship
Anthony B. Cashen Scholarship
Richard L. Delano Scholarship
Charles E. Downton Scholarship
Clint M. Dworshak Scholarship
Stephen J. Frawley Scholarship
Jeffrey L. Fuhrman Scholarship
Robert K. Gerometta Memorial Scholarship
Nicholas T. Giorgianni Scholarship
Gary J. Golden Memorial Scholarship
William R. Gordon Scholarship

Gus H. Harwell, Jr. Scholarship
John C. Herron Scholarship
John W. Hoffman Memorial Scholarship
Troy E. Horine Memorial Scholarship
Michael P. Hurley Memorial Scholarship
Scott A. W. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Howard Kahlenbeck, Jr. Scholarship
Martin Krasnitz Scholarship
Allan M. Lansing Scholarship
Donald E. Larew Scholarship
David D. McKeag Scholarship
Charles D. Miller Scholarship

Warren P. Nesbitt Scholarship
Oak Circle Scholarship
Alvan E. Porter Scholarship
Purdue Alumni Scholarship
Thomas S. Rakow Scholarship
William C. Rappolt Scholarship
John W. Rogers Scholarship
Neal D. Roper Memorial Scholarship
Paul A. Rosenthal Scholarship
Christopher L. Saricks Scholarship
Roy E. Shaffer Scholarship
Donald C. Slawson Scholarship
Taylor Family Scholarship
David H. Wynja Scholarship

Troy E. Horine Memorial Scholarship

Established by friends and family of Troy Horine, Kansas State ’80, this new fund will provide educational program scholarships for men from Kansas State. Brother Horine always personified the Fraternity’s Four Founding Principles and loved the brotherhood DU afforded him. Troy’s name and legacy will now live forever through the hearts and minds of future DU generations at Kansas State.

Tuition Scholarship Funds

Providing these annual merit-based tuition scholarships

Dennis H. Cheatham Memorial Scholarship
Ross K. Fuller Memorial Scholarship
Thomas R. Harney Scholarship
Kansas State Rural Opportunity Scholarship

Louisville Alumni Scholarship
Raymond E. Mason, Jr. Scholarship
James D. McQuaid Scholarships
Nebraska Alumni Scholarship
Northern Iowa Scholarships

Leonard E. Rhodes Memorial Scholarship
Nathaniel Sceva Memorial Scholarship
Robert J. Sovchik Memorial Scholarship 

Chapter Endowment funds

Providing annual funding for the educational needs of DU chapters.

Bradley Chapter Legacy Plan
Bucknell Chapter Legacy Plan
Chicago Trust
Iowa State Chapter Legacy Plan
Kansas State Trust

Lafayette Chapter Legacy Plan
Miami Chapter Legacy Plan
Michigan Chapter Legacy Plan
Nebraska Chapter Legacy Plan
Oklahoma Chapter Legacy Plan

Oregon Chapter Legacy Plan
Purdue Chapter Legacy Plan
San Diego State Chapter Legacy Plan
Edwin T. Mosher Endowment Fund
Syracuse Chapter Legacy Plan

Operating Endowment funds

Providing annual operating grants for DUEF programs and initiatives

Wilford A. Butler, Jr. Fund
Endowment for Chapter Leadership

Charles Evan Hughes DUEL Fund
Maurice S. Mandel Fund