Oak Circle

Each year, DU undergraduates are encouraged to give back through the Oak Circle—the Foundation’s undergraduate giving program. Hundreds of undergraduates join the Oak Circle each year with a gift of $18.34 to the Oak Circle endowment, and the dollars raised are given directly back to students through scholarships to our award-winning educational programs.

McKeag Award Winners

The McKeag Award is presented annually to recognize chapters for their members' contributions to the Oak Circle. This award is named for Brother David McKeag, Minnesota ’04, who was instrumental in ensuring the Oak Circle was a success in the Club’s early years. The following chapters were recognized with a McKeag award for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Most Participants
  1. Iowa State Chapter (12 participants)
  2. Oregon Chapter (10 participants)
  3. Bradley and Maryland Chapters (9 participants)
Highest % of members participating
  1. Oregon Chapter (38%)
  2. Colorado Associate Chapter (36%)
  3. Embry-Riddle Chapter (23%)
Oak Circle Undergraduate Giving Council

New to the Oak Circle in FY20 was the Oak Circle Undergraduate Giving Council. Giving Council members played a critical role influencing the strategy for the Oak Circle. Their efforts included helping decide the Oak Circle membership apparel item, unveiling the Oak Circle details at the Presidents Academy and Regional Leadership Academies, and rallying Oak Circle support among undergraduates at the chapter level. Thank you to all the members of the 2020 Giving Council.

Jack Bell, Missouri ’22
Cole Buchart, Indiana ’21
Sam Disman-Eager, Vermont ’21
Aaron Emalfarb, Maryland ’20

Chris Gibson, Western Illinois ’21
Zach Hoskins, Western Ontario ’21
Ethan Kiehne, Iowa State ’22
Remi Lablanc, Quinnipiac ’21

Nikkoh Mendoza, Bradley ’20
Matthew Talley, Maryland ’21
Trevor Van Doren, North Florida ’21
Gavin Woodard, Kansas State ’22

Oak Circle Gift

Every undergraduate who joins the Oak Circle Undergraduate Giving Club by May 1 annually will receive the membership apparel item for that year (unveiled at the Presidents Academy in January). The 2020 apparel item was a floral DU necktie!