Securing our Fraternal Vitality

Delta Upsilon’s growth and progress over the past 15 years has been quite significant. We have been successful in transforming the DU experience and reaching unprecedented levels of success despite growing scrutiny of college fraternities. Loyal Foundation donors, hard-working local volunteers, and undergraduate leaders committed to our Four Founding Principles have driven the success of our Building Better Men mission.

Knowing the pressure to prove our relevance and vitality is only increasing, the leadership of the International Fraternity and Educational Foundation spent the 2020-2021 fiscal year testing and developing bold plans to fund DU’s next historic chapter through a campaign. The early campaign planning phase was aided by a leading fundraising firm in Indianapolis (Johnson, Grossnickle & Associates), along with a 13-person Campaign Advisory Committee consisting of volunteers and staff with clear fraternal knowledge and fundraising experience. A thorough campaign feasibility study quickly followed, which gathered feedback on DU’s current and future funding needs. After 35 personal interviews, a survey of 1,600 donors, and multiple Advisory Committee meetings, five key takeaways (below) were delivered to the DUEF Board of Trustees and DUIF Board of Directors in early March. 

Campaign Feasibility Study - Five Key Takeaways

  1. Delta Upsilon is a clear leader in the Fraternal industry, but our winning story and future vision needs to be better communicated to our alumni membership.
  2. Donors have great confidence in the impact of our leadership programming, but the DUEF is only funding 38% of the Fraternity’s annual educational expenses.
  3. Despite increasing scrutiny of fraternities, our alumni strongly believe in today’s DU experience and the role our Four Founding Principles play in young men’s lives.
  4. Many alumni who feel a stronger tie to their DU chapter would be more generous if their DUEF gifts directly supported the educational needs of the local chapter.
  5. The Fraternity’s rich history, track record, innovative nature and loyal alumni base should give DU the confidence and enthusiasm to proceed with a bold campaign!

Campaign Leadership & Early Momentum

Joining the team leading this bold fundraising effort is E. Bruce McKinney, Missouri ’74, who has agreed to serve as Campaign Chairman. Brother McKinney is a former President of the International Fraternity and currently serves as the House Corporation President for the Missouri Chapter, which recently completed a successful $3 million chapter housing campaign. Brother McKinney—along with DUEF Chairman Lewis Gregory, Kansas ’75, and his 14-man Trustee Board—is leading this critical campaign for Delta Upsilon’s future.

A team of DU volunteers is already being recruited to serve on a Campaign Cabinet, and in the coming weeks and months, the campaign leadership will unveil more details through in-person visits with key alumni and alumni receptions across North America. Momentum is quickly building for this historic campaign, and more DUs and friends will soon learn how to support our undergraduates, chapters and volunteers in new and innovative ways. 

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