Social Distancing Chapters

The 2021-2022 academic year will continue to be affected by COVID-19. Here are recommendations for chapters that will be able to be on campus.

Social Distancing Chapters includes chapters that are able to meet and interact in-person on a campus that is open in a limited to fully functional environment. The chapter should follow the college/university, local, and state/province regulations and recommendations.

In addition, here are DU's recommendations regarding various areas of chapter operations. 

Chapter Meetings
  • Consider the timing and structure of meetings based on the chapter size. Alternatives could include holding chapter meetings twice and having members sign up for which time they will attend OR holding the chapter meeting in-person and simultaneously on Zoom so members can opt-in or out of how to participate.
  • If chapter meetings are held on campus, be aware that room reservations may be unavailable. Consider alternatives such as outdoor spaces (weather permitting) or all-virtual meetings from individual locations. Check with your college/university on room availability and options.
  • Continue to incorporate your regular chapter meeting traditions, such as Brother of the Week and gavel passes.
  • Avoid using the chapter meeting solely to read officer reports. Include small group discussions and check-ins, utilize Zoom breakout rooms, etc. 
  • The good news is that recruitment has always been about getting to know individuals and forming connections, and it doesn’t have to be reliant on large recruitment events.
  • Meet one-on-one or two-on-two with potential members in locations that support in-person interaction (outdoor patios/cafes, green space on campus, etc.)
  • Host larger events online, such as information sessions where potential members can learn about Delta Upsilon, history, chapter culture and more. Trivia games, video games and online sports watch parties are all opportunities to connect and recruit.
  • Remember to utilize your connections. Who are you meeting in class (even if remote) and how can you get to know them better and potentially introduce them to DU? Ask your friends, professors and staff on campus to recommend unaffiliated students who might be good potential members for DU.
  • Follow your college/university and IFC policies and recommendations for recruitment. Engage in any opportunities that are available, such as “Meet the Greeks” virtual fairs and orientation programs.
  • Check out the resources in the Virtual Recruitment section of our Virtual Programming page.
Associate Member Education
  • Utilizing the Delta Upsilon Associate Member Education workbook and facilitator guide will help in planning and executing a successful program for your newest members.
  • Adapt sessions to do two weeks in one OR split up sessions to twice a week for an hour instead of once a week for two hours in order to encourage engagement.
  • Pending the size of your associate member class, consider hosting two AME sessions, with associate members signing up for the time slot that works best for them, while reducing the total number of people in the same room at once.
  • Similar to chapter meetings, consider having an in-person and simultaneous Zoom option for AME sessions.
  • Now more than ever the role of the Big Brother will be crucial in connecting AMs with the rest of the chapter and making them feel welcomed and comfortable. 
  • Check out of Associate Member Education page for more resources.
Social and Brotherhood Events
  • Split chapter into small groups of four to five and encourage each group to do an activity together in-person or virtually. Consult the list of Brotherhood Event Ideas from the Chapter Resource page. Each week or two weeks mix up the groups so that brothers interact with different members.
  • Host a virtual mixer with another student organization or fraternity/sorority. Give the mixer a fun theme, dress up accordingly on Zoom and have an activity planned, like a murder-mystery event, Harry Potter trivia or cooking competition.
  • Follow the guidelines and policies for your campus. If the rec center is open, get a few guys to go at the same time or play a pick-up game of soccer on campus.
Service and Philanthropy Events
  • Local agencies are still in need of volunteers and support. Contact nonprofits in your area to see how you can help.
  • Check in with your local food banks/soup kitchens, clothing donation centers, and parks and recreation departments. Start a donation drive on campus, offer to pick up donations that residents leave on their porches, or help clean up a park or downtown area.
  • Ask senior centers if you can help with grocery shopping or errands for those who can’t leave their homes.
  • Consider philanthropy events that can be done remotely or with little in-person interaction, like letter-writing campaigns and online competitions or silent auctions.
  • Familiarize yourself with academic support offerings on campus, virtual tutoring and educational sessions on topics like “how to succeed in online learning environments.”
  • Pair older and younger brothers by major into study buddy groups and encourage regular check-ins, in person or virtually. This can be especially helpful for your associate members who are having to adjust to both college-level courses and a pandemic environment at the same time.
  • Regularly share resources and information with the chapter, including upcoming deadlines to change classes, register for classes, apply for graduation, etc. 
  • Research what type of intramurals are still being offered on campus. Get members to sign up, even if they are sports you haven’t traditionally played (for example, singles tennis instead of team football).
  • If options are limited on campus, consider planning activities that have less risk for group interaction, such as training to run a 5K.
Campus Engagement
  • Chances are your campus is working hard to still provide opportunities for outside-the-classroom learning and fun. Research upcoming events from the Student Activities team and get members to participate, in-person or virtually.
  • Send thank-you notes and letters of support to staff and faculty members to show appreciation from the chapter.
  • Remember that you are still representing Delta Upsilon, so follow social distancing policies and guidelines and take care of yourself and each other.
Chapter House (if applicable)
  • Work with your local house corporation to come up with a plan that allows for social distancing, as well as what to do if a member(s) needs to be isolated or quarantined. See our Housing Resources page for more information.