Alumni News

Washington, D.C.

In November, the Washington D.C. Young Alumni Advisory Council hosted its first Alumni Panel. Warren Nesbitt, Wisconsin ’76, and Chris Steis, Maryland ’78, shared their professional experiences and the lessons they learned along the way. Both alumni credit their experiences as a DU undergraduate with the success they had over the last 40 years. Nine alumni from six chapters attended the event. The group thanks Zach Thomas, North Florida ’09, for organizing the event and providing the meeting space.

New York City

In October, the New York City Young Alumni Club hosted its first Alumni Panel. Bill Kelly, Wisconsin ’82; Richard Stern, Brown ’88; John Roberts, Florida ’86; and Robert Deichert, John Hopkins ’97; shared their professional and personal development to more than 15 young graduates and undergraduates in the New York City and surrounding area. All the alumni stated that being in the Fraternity helped them develop their network and provided them with professional skills.

San Diego State

The San Diego State Alumni are currently in the process of raising money for a new house for the undergraduate chapter. Right now, the undergraduates are living in temporary housing, and demolition of the old chapter house will begin in the spring 2017 semester. The alumni plan to raise $500,000 in 2017 and to have the new home move-in ready by the fall.