Alumni Chapter News

Indiana alumni continue to fundraise and award scholarships to undergraduate brothers. This year, 11 men were provided with scholarships. The alumni are also proud of their efforts to update the chapter house. In 2018, a large recreation room was added onto the home. This frees up the space previously occupied by the cycling team, which is now being used as a suite for a live-in chapter advisor. The Centennial Plaza was also completed and now features bricks engraved with the names of every man ever initiated into the Indiana Chapter. 

Kent State
The Kent State alumni chapter has seen some exciting changes. Not only did it revamp and bring back its newsletter, it has a brand-new set of officers. The new officers are President Mike Giorgianni, ’91; Treasurer Jake Hamma, ’10; Secretary Jimmy Sandine ’10; and co-Vice Presidents of Housing Mike Harwood, ’97, and Erin Lehaney, ’99. The chapter gives a sincere thank-you to past officers who have put many years of work into the chapter. This includes 17 years of service from Stewart Thom, ’97, as well as 25 years of service each from Douglas Cassens, ’68, and Michael Cesa, ’76

San Diego State

The San Diego State alumni hosted their annual alumni tailgate this fall where the alumni and undergraduates enjoyed talking about their DU experiences. The event also occurred on Dad's Weekend. Many of the undergraduates’ fathers joined and able to learn more about the chapter.