Chapter News

This issue of the DU Quarterly featured chapter scorecards for all undergraduate chapters. These scorecards provided each chapter/colony's vital statistics from the 2018-2019 academic year. Click the link below to view those scorecards as printing in the magazine.

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The Alberta Chapter has been focused on recruitment this fall by hosting recruitment events like barbeques, which are bringing in men who have a “shared drive for academic excellence, as well as strive to experience the valuable lessons university life has to offer.” The chapter was excited to introduce its newest members to alumni during its annual Rush Stag alumni dinner.


The Bradley Chapter welcomed 31 associate members this fall during the campus’ formal recruitment. Recruitment events included a grill out, bonfire, football night and basketball tournament. Chapter brothers were also on hand to support Nick Farrar, Bradley ’22, during his contracting ceremony with the U.S. Army. Nick has been a part of the Bradley ROTC since his freshman year and has now sworn to serve his country as a Second Lieutenant upon graduation. 


The weekend of July 12-14, a group of dedicated alumni and undergraduates participated in the Illinois Chapter’s 10th annual Alumni Work Weekend to make updates to the 92-year-old chapter house. This summer, the men completely remodeled room B4 into a study room with fresh paint and new flooring. The dining room was also painted, and Room 10 received new paint and flooring. 

Iowa State

In September, the chapter hosted its annual Delta Scoopsilon event where it sells ice cream, cookies and more to raise money for the Global Service Initiative. Because this year’s fundraiser was held on Sept. 11, the men also donated half of the proceeds to the FealGood Foundation, which supports first responders and those impacted by the 9/11 attacks. 


The Louisville Chapter has been hard at work recruiting new men into the chapter. This past spring and fall, alumni and Delta Upsilon staff have worked to rebuild the chapter. As of Sept. 19, the chapter stood at 19 associate members and is looking for continued recruitment success. 


The Leadership Institute was a success for Maryland Chapter members. Aaron Emalfarb, Maryland ’20, was elected as an Undergraduate Director on the International Fraternity’s Board of Directors and received a McQuaid Scholarship. Matthew Talley, Maryland ’21, was elected Chairman of the Undergraduate Advisory Board, and Matthew Andreoli, Maryland ’21, received an Oak Circle scholarship. On Sept. 1, the chapter hosted a memorial to honor Brother Udayaditya Konwar, Maryland ’21, who passed away this summer. 


The Miami Chapter would like to welcome its new live-in advisor Aditya G. Anand and thank Brothers Chip Cade, Miami ’85, and Ben Case, Miami ’03, for working to create the new advisor’s suite.

Michigan Tech 

The Michigan Tech Chapter had a busy first few weeks of school as brothers helped first-year students move in, while Brother Darius Schultz, Michigan Tech ’21, served as an Orientation Team Leader. 

Missouri Colony

Fall recruitment was a success with 43 men signing bid cards during formal recruitment and 18 members recruited during summer events. At the start of the semester, the chapter created a "Live Like Tim" board to honor Timothy Piazza, a Beta Theta Pi from Penn State who died from hazing a few years ago. The board includes photos of Tim and his family, as well as photos of colony members and their families to serve as a reminder to love and protect one another. Tim's family spoke at DU's Leadership Institute this summer and on the Missouri campus this fall.

North Dakota

The North Dakota Chapter has created a Wellness Chair as its newest chairman position. This individual will provide resources on mental, physical and social wellbeing, as well as lead fireside chats with members. At the beginning of the year, brothers also volunteered with a back-to-school carnival at Lewis & Clark Elementary in Grand Forks, grilling and serving food for the more than 150 people who attended.

North Florida

The North Florida Chapter has rededicated itself to DU’s Four Founding Principles and commitment to non-secrecy. The new Executive Board has been leading the chapter to “reinforce, rebuild and reignite the fire that is Delta Upsilon.” Recruitment played an important role in this rebuilding of the chapter, and the group brought in 10 new associate members during fall recruitment. 


Building off a successful spring in which it raised more than $600 for the Global Service Initiative, the Rochester Chapter spent time focusing on recruitment and Meliora Weekend, which is the university’s annual four-day extravaganza with reunions, workshops, lectures and celebration. This year, the chapter hosted its parents and alumni with a pig roast in Genesee Valley Park. 


This summer, the Rutgers Chapter participated in a wide variety of activities. The Executive Board enjoyed attending the Leadership Institute and learned a lot of skills to help manage a fraternity. In addition, most of the chapter members had summer internships ranging from finance on Wall Street to computer programming in California. The chapter kicked off recruitment this year with an event featuring a pig roast. 


“Coffee with CEO” is a chapter program that invites alumni to visit and give professional and personal advice. Last semester, Brother Phil Nardone, Syracuse ’82, imparted advice, encouragement and details about his professional life as President and CEO of PAN Communications, a public relations firm he founded. PAN now has four offices and more than 130 employees. 


Since the beginning of May, the Texas Chapter has been working hard on recruitment efforts, tabling during summer Orientations and holding a recruitment event in Houston with the Houston Chapter. This led to the chapter recruiting its largest associate member class since rechartering, with 21 associate members. The chapter also held its first “Alumni Showcase” with alumni speaking to the chapter about what they do and how to get involved.


Over the summer, several Toronto Chapter members completed internships. Rajveer Singh, Toronto ’22, interned with Volaris Group in the mergers and acquisitions department. Ishmam Chowdhury, Toronto ’20, worked in the anti-money laundering department at Bank of Montreal, and Nimit Sachdeva, Toronto ’20, interned at Citigroup in software development. 

Western Reserve

The Western Reserve Chapter continues to be one of the best on campus and in DU. It brought home seven awards from the 2019 Leadership Institute, including its first Sweepstakes Finalist trophy and second consecutive Innovative Member Development Award. The chapter was recognized on campus as having both the most improved and highest fraternity GPA for the 2018-2019 academic year.


The fall semester has been busy for the Wichita Chapter. During Welcome Fest, the chapter hosted Teeter-A-Thon to raise awareness for the Global Service Initiative. Then, On Sept. 18-19, it hosted NachoFest, which is consistently the campus’ most popular food philanthropy event.