2024 Presidents Academy and DUEL Registration Open

Oct. 20, 2023 - Registration for the 2024 Presidents Academy and applications for the 2024 January James Graham DU Emerging Leaders Experience are now open. The programs will be held in conjunction with one another and take place at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana (northwest of Indianapolis) Jan. 4-7, 2024.

Registration/application forms can be found in the DU Portal. (If you have not yet claimed your DU Portal account, please follow these DU Portal login instructions.) Once in the DU Portal, on the dashboard, click the Events tab. From here, select the program you wish to register for and complete the corresponding form. 

Presidents Academy

Presidents from all chapters/associate chapters are expected to attend Presidents Academy. If the President cannot attend, another Executive Board officer should attend in their place. There are no registration fees for Presidents Academy, and attendees are eligible to be reimbursed for their travel. To learn more, see the Presidents Academy Reimbursement and Travel Info page within the Events tab of the DU Portal. Registration is due Dec. 8.

Presidents Academy is an institute-style program with a curriculum that emphasizes the mission and Principles of Delta Upsilon as a foundation for effective chapter leadership. Presidents are exposed to new ideas and possibilities and are encouraged to apply what they learn to their leadership role and responsibility. They learn from each other, stretch their boundaries, discover strengths and envision a more successful version of their chapter.

James Graham DU Emerging Leaders Experience 

DUEL is an immersive program for first- and second-year students who are interested in developing their leadership potential. It is uniquely designed to help young leaders meet the challenges and responsibilities in life and in their chapter. Using CliftonStrengths for Students (formerly called StrengthsQuest), the men begin to identify, analyze and understand their personal leadership. They begin to take ownership for creating their ideal experience through Delta Upsilon and identify the specific actions needed to make that experience a reality. They will immerse themselves into conversations regarding diversity and shared values to effectively collaborate and lead through courage and conversation. Most importantly, attendees will create a personal vision of the future for themselves and their chapter.

There are no registration fees for DUEL thanks to the generosity of the DU Educational Foundation and its donors. Attendees are responsible for paying for their travel to and from the program. With Presidents Academy held in conjunction with DUEL, there may be an opportunity for DUEL attendees to coordinate travel with their Chapter President. Applications are due Nov. 24.