Apply to be a Leadership Consultant

Jan. 4, 2018 - Delta Upsilon brothers graduating this spring have a unique opportunity to serve the Fraternity after graduation. Leadership Consultants serve as key ambassadors for DU, working directly with students, alumni and universities to advance Delta Upsilon's initiatives.

Delta Upsilon will hire multiple Leadership Consultants for the 2018-2019 school year. Applications will remain open until positions are full, however, those applying by Jan. 31 will receive priority.

“If you are looking for an opportunity to travel around North America, meet amazing DU brothers and leave a lasting impact on our great Fraternity, I would encourage you to apply to be a leadership consultant,” said Colin Finn, Iowa State ’05, Leadership Consultant from 2005-2006 and current DU Educational Foundation Director of Advancement.

Leadership Consultants perform a variety of tasks for the Fraternity. Responsibilities include:

  • Act as the primary staff member on expansion efforts
  • Conduct chapter visits relating to various aspects of chapter operations
  • Assist in the logistical preparation and planning for expansion
  • Serve as a staff member responsible for recruiting new members
  • Provide officer training for colony members and during chapter visits
  • Assist in monitoring, reviewing and evaluating Chapter Excellence Plan (CEP) submissions
  • Serve as chapter liaison
  • Assist in creating and collecting Fraternity-related resources
  • Assist with the Fraternity's educational programs

For more information about job responsibilities and requirements, view the position description.

Job experience gained by being a Leadership Consultant are proven to advance one’s career regardless of their profession after leaving the DU staff. Critical thinking, problem-solving, team building, marketing, budgeting, project management, conflict resolution and communication skills are just a few of the areas brothers develop by serving as a Leadership Consultant.

“There is no question about it: being a DU Leadership Consultant trained me for how the real world works,” said Warren Nesbitt, Wisconsin ’76, Consultant from 1976-1977. “From travel and scheduling logistics, to budgeting and selling great programming concepts—things that weren’t taught in the college classroom. All of that was a significant advantage in my 40-year media career.”

“I learned how to properly manage my time and how to juggle many different tasks at once, encompassing preparation for future tasks, current tasks at-hand and follow-up from previous visits,” said Michael Eplee, Kansas State ’14, Consultant from 2014-2015.

Leadership Consultants will begin their positions in June 2018, spending the summer in Indianapolis training at DU’s International Headquarters and assisting in the planning of the 2018 Leadership Institute. Travel to chapters will begin at the start of the fall semester.

Apply to be a Leadership Consultant

Debunking Myths about Leadership Consultants

Myth: The position is only for those who have served as Chapter President.
Any brother with a love and passion for Delta Upsilon can serve as a Leadership Consultant. While having served on a chapter Executive Board will provide valuable experience, it is not a requirement. Regardless of officer experience, DU is looking applicants’ ability to understand and demonstrate a commitment to DU’s mission and Four Founding Principles.

Myth: I did not major in the right thing.
Academic major does not affect one’s chances of being hired as Leadership Consultant. Many believe you must major in a communications or marketing related field, but that is not true. In fact, both of the 2016-2017 Leadership Consultants have engineering degrees. Applicants must possess strong interpersonal skills, written and verbal communications skills, and a strong work ethic. Such qualities can be found in those from any field of study.

Myth: The skills won’t be applicable to my future job.
Critical thinking, problem-solving, team building, marketing, budgeting, project management, conflict resolution and communication skills are just a few of the areas develop by serving as a Leadership Consultant. Each is something any employer will look for and ask about. While day-to-day tasks will differ, the skills and experiences learned can be translated to any future career.

Myth: It will be harder to get into grad school after taking a year off.
Scores of past Leadership Consultants have gone onto graduate school following their time as a Leadership Consultant. Your smarts and experiences get you into grad school, not your age. Like a job interview, using the skills learned as a Leadership Consultant in your grad school essays and interviews can give you a leg up on the competition.

Myth: I will only work with struggling chapters and colonies.
Each year, every DU chapter receives at least one visit from IHQ staff. Leadership Consultants will receive a portfolio of chapters to work with throughout the year, which will include chapters that vary in size, strength and geographic location. Through in-person visits and electronic communication, Leadership Consultants work with their chapters year-round to plan and achieve success. Leadership Consultants also have the unique opportunity to build DU’s newest colonies, recruiting Founding Fathers and setting a foundation for success.

Myth: I won’t get enough training to do the job well.
Leadership Consultants spend the entire summer at IHQ preparing for their roles. They will be trained by staff from all IHQ departments, as well as outside facilitators. Leadership Consultants will attend additional training through groups like the Fraternity Executives Association, Phired Up Productions and FRMT (DU’s insurance provider). Throughout the year, Leadership Consultants will have the opportunity to polish their skills through webinars, staff meetings and more.