Justice in July Webinar Series

June 29, 2020 - Justice is the foundation of Delta Upsilon. On June 1, Delta Upsilon International Fraternity created an Advancement of Justice Task Force in response to civil unrest around racial injustice. In conjunction with this task force, the Fraternity will host a variety of virtual sessions for engagement around different topics, including race, poverty and more. 

The first Justice in July session will take place Thursday, July 2 at 8 p.m. EST. Titled "White Supremacy and the Making of America," Roger Moreano will facilitate a discussion around how the roots of the United States were forged in white supremacy, and how these roots have sustained systemic structures that have influenced the American experience. Moreano is the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Equity and Inclusion at Carthage College. He is also the Founder of "Bridges for Justice," a social justice nonprofit in Lake County, Illinois. 

Two additional webinars are also on the calendar so far for Justice in July. One will focus on how to promote DU's Principle of The Advancement of Justice in member recruitment. The other, "A Vision for a World Without Poverty," will be facilitated by DU alumnus Mark Bergel, Northwestern '85, the Founder and Executive Director for A Wider Circle

See below for descriptions and registration links for each webinar. You can also find links to past webinars and additional virtual programming tips on our Virtual Programming page.

As the Advancement of Justice Task Force begins its work, the Fraternity looks forward to the creation of more resources and initiatives regarding justice. Delta Upsilon is proud to announce that more than 50 individuals expressed interest in serving on the task force and that Dr. Bernard Franklin, Kansas State '75, and Dr. Craig Franz, Bucknell '75, have agreed to accompany the task force. Brother Franklin served as President of Delta Upsilon from 2006-2014 and is currently the Vice President of Student Life at Mount St. Mary’s University. Brother Franz served as Chairman of Delta Upsilon from 1996-1997, is a Trustee of the DU Educational Foundation, and serves as Executive Director of the LaSalle International Foundation. Dr. Andrew Dunham, San Jose '86, will serve as the representative from the Fraternity’s Board of Directors. Brother Dunham is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Registrar at Albion College. 

Established on Nov. 4, 1834, Delta Upsilon is an international men's college fraternity with 69 chapters and colonies across the United States and Canada. The Fraternity, founded at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, is the oldest, non-secret, Greek-letter society and is committed to Building Better Men for a global society through its Four Founding Principles: friendship, character, culture and justice. More than 140,000 men have joined the Delta Upsilon Fraternity since its founding more than 185 years ago. 



July 2, 2020
8 p.m. EDT

Facilitated by Roger Moreano, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Equity and Inclusion at Carthage College and Founder of “Bridges for Justice,” a social justice nonprofit organization in Lake County, IL.

Why is there still racism in America? Why are Black people rioting? How did we get here?

It is not infrequent that these types of questions arise in moments of racial tension and hostility around the country.

These questions, in addition to demonstrating the confusion and pain people are feeling, very much reflect a complete lack of knowledge and education on the foundations of the United States and how race has been interwoven into the very fabric of our society.

In this presentation, Roger will share a detailed history of the racist foundations of the United States of America and provide a foundational understanding of how these roots of the United States were forged in white supremacy. These roots sustained systemic structures that have influenced the American experience; have disadvantaged, targeted and marginalized non-white people; and have had lasting effects that are very much alive and present today.

To know how we got here, we must know from where it is we came.

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July 9
8 p.m. EDT

Presented by Hayden Rahn, Oregon '16, Director of Chapter Development & Growth

With justice being the foundation of Delta Upsilon and the Advancement of Justice being one of DU's Four Founding Principles, it is extremely important for chapters/colonies to understand how to recruit with this Principle as a focus. This webinar will take a look at what chapters/colonies can and should be doing to ensure that recruitment focuses on the mission and Principles of DU, in this case, the Advance of Justice.

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July 15
8 p.m. EDT
Presented by Mark Bergel, Northwestern '85, Founder and Executive Director, A Wider Circle

Through the work of the nonprofit called A Wider Circle that he founded in Washington, D.C., Mark Bergel, Northwestern '85, has worked tirelessly to realize his vision of eliminating poverty. By sharing his story, Mark will help us understand the dynamics of poverty within our communities while also challenging us to take action. 

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