1. Why is the DU Educational Foundation having this campaign?

Delta Upsilon is an unquestioned leader in the fraternal world with a proven track-record of success. However, many alumni still need to hear our story and invest in DU’s mission if we are to prove our relevance within higher education and our larger society. The demand for our cutting-edge resources and educational programs is at an all-time high, yet Foundation grants to the Fraternity are only funding 38% of the annual costs of our Building Better Men initiatives. The Ignite The Charge Campaign will enhance our current educational programming arsenal, while also providing funding for new and innovative programs aimed at keeping Delta Upsilon one step ahead of the challenges facing the fraternal community.

2. What are some of the specific programs and resources that will be funded by the Ignite The Charge Campaign?

The Ignite The Charge Campaign will significantly impact three areas of need within the fraternity: Individual Development, Chapter Enhancement, and Fraternal Relevance & Innovation. Each of these have sub-priorities that would either be enhanced or created from scratch following successful campaign funding. For example, this campaign seeks to add a second session of DU’s Emerging Leaders Experience (DUEL), increase the number of annual Building Better Men Retreats to 25, and launch a new Senior Capstone Program for undergraduate seniors and distinguished DU alumni. The ultimate goal of the Ignite The Charge Campaign is to invest in our undergraduates, chapters and volunteers like never before through programs, resources and initiatives rooted in DU’s Four Founding Principles.

3. What gifts will be recognized as part of the Ignite The Charge Campaign goal?

The purpose of this campaign is to enhance Delta Upsilon’s commitment to (1) Individual Development, (2) Chapter Enhancement and (3) Fraternal Relevance & Innovation. Our hope is that campaign donors will maintain their commitment to the Annual Loyalty Fund—DU’s educational funding lifeline—and commit to an additional stretch gift to the campaign through cash, stock, and/or an estate plan. In the end, gifts made to DUEF funds that enhance one or more of the three campaign priorities (including gifts to the Annual Loyalty Fund) will be recognized as part of the campaign goal. Gifts to CEA/CHA funds (although important), are not included as part of the campaign’s funding model and will not be recognized as part of the Ignite The Charge Campaign. The DUEF Board of Trustees has adopted a full campaign gift acceptance policy which provides further clarity on campaign qualifying funds and estate gift valuations. Honoring donor intent remains our top priority, and the DUEF staff will work to ensure all gifts are stewarded properly regardless of campaign recognition.

4. Can I make a gift to the Ignite The Charge Campaign that directly supports my chapter?

Absolutely! Given that a successful $6 million Ignite The Charge Campaign will benefit every chapter, we encourage donors to first consider an unrestricted gift to allow the Fraternity and Foundation leadership to determine the best ways to utilize your support in achieving the campaign’s objectives. However, there are additional ways to give a gift to the Ignite The Charge Campaign that directly benefits your chapter. For example, you may consider establishing a named endowment fund to provide annual educational program scholarships with preference to undergraduates from your chapter. You may also work with other alumni to establish a Chapter Legacy Plan—a chapter specific endowment fund that ensures the DUEF provides annual educational programming scholarships to men from your chapter. Although gifts with the fewest restrictions are always encouraged, we recognize that many alumni feel a strong passion to support the undergraduates from their own chapter. The DUEF staff will work with you to determine how to best ensure your gift to the Ignite The Charge Campaign makes an impact at the local chapter level.

5. What naming and recognition opportunities exist for this campaign?

There are several naming opportunities available for the Ignite The Charge Campaign, which require a minimum gift of $25,000. The Named Gift Opportunities document provides a full review of all naming opportunities which vary depending on the gift size and campaign funding need. Naming opportunities exist for specific educational programs, staff positions and even chapter specific program scholarships, just to name a few. Whether you are interested in establishing your own named endowment fund or honoring another brother with a gift in his name, the DUEF staff is ready to work with you to ensure we meet your intentions with your campaign gift.

6. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a volatile stock market, and a worrisome political landscape, wouldn’t we be better off waiting or adjusting our goals accordingly?

Existing funding only allows the DUEF to provide 38% of the costs of today’s Building Better Men programs and initiatives, which places a significant financial burden on the backs of our students and local chapters. The educational demand has never been greater, and the pressure for Delta Upsilon to prove its fraternal relevance and vitality is only increasing by the minute. If now is not the time for a campaign, then when is? We firmly believe this campaign will IGNITE the passion of DUs everywhere and ensure we answer THE CHARGE of our future by investing in the individuals, chapters and volunteers writing the next historic chapter for our brotherhood.

7. My DU chapter is closed. Why should I give to the Ignite The Charge Campaign?

Our Rite of Initiation makes you a brother of Delta Upsilon regardless of your chapter affiliation. We hope that this campaign is an opportunity to view the Fraternity from a holistic lens, and to ensure the undergraduate brothers of today have the same opportunity to experience the brotherhood and character development that comes with the DU experience. Supporting the campaign is one way to give back in recognition of the positive fraternal experiences you’ve had by bestowing them upon the next generation. Although it is unfortunate whenever a DU chapter is closed, the expansion team is always seeking opportunities to return to campuses where DU once thrived, which may include your chapter.

8. Can’t I just keep giving to the Annual Loyalty Fund as my way of supporting the Ignite The Charge Campaign?

The Annual Loyalty Fund remains the lifeblood of the DUEF, but the ALF is not keeping pace with the educational needs of our undergraduates each year. Through this campaign we are asking donors to maintain their support of the Annual Loyalty Fund for five years, and add an additional stretch gift (cash, endowment and/or estate). Any commitment pledged over five years to the funds supporting campaign priorities (including the ALF) will be recognized as part of your overall campaign giving total. We hope this campaign inspires current donors to increase their giving and inspires other alumni to support our efforts for the first time.

9. Who is leading this campaign?

DUEF Trustee Chairman, Lewis Gregory, Kansas ’75, and Ignite The Charge Campaign Chairman, E. Bruce McKinney, Missouri ’74, are the two main volunteers leading this campaign. These men are joined by the entire Board of Trustees and a 19-member Campaign Cabinet representing a wide range of chapters, backgrounds and experiences. All these volunteers are working alongside the DUEF staff throughout this campaign.

10. This all sounds great, what can I do to get started and help?

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about this Campaign, please contact a member of our Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation staff at 317.875.8900. Campaign volunteers and staff are also hosting multiple alumni receptions in key cities throughout North America, and these events are a great way to learn how this campaign is advancing DU’s future. Update your contact information on the DU website ( to ensure you receive important event invitations and communication.